My first step.

January 18, 2010

Hello there. Hope you’re enjoying your day 🙂

Well first and foremost, I just have to admit that, dayumn blogging can feel like a chore doesn’t it? It’s just my second post and Im already lazy to post new ones. The ideas are there, but, ahhhh sgt malas. Hang in there lad, hope I’ll find the joy in all of this soon 😛

Okay then, back to business. Like I mentioned in the previous post, my story will start on the day I received my final SAM results. It was released in the morning of Wednesday, 16 Dec 2009, at the SACE Board Of South Australia’s (SSABSA) website.

I checked mine in the afternoon, because I was just too nervous to check it earlier. I remembered my dad saying, “Ahhh, the good ol’ feeling of nervousness and anxiety, biasalah tuh, every student pasti akan merasainya”. Yep yep, spot on ol’ pop. It doesn’t matter who you are, which exam you’re taking, let it be UPSR or SAM, the feeling is just the same. Like Rayza’s infamous standard 6 English essay ‘catcher-of-a-word’: it’s just bloody heart pumping. Haha. Dup Dap Dup Dap. But Alhamdullilah, I got all 19 for Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. 17 for ESL (sorry mom, but it was tough tau). My TER was a never-dared-to-dream-before 99.05. Frankly, I can’t ask for a better outcome. Hats off boy! All your hard work has paid off.

Yeah this is my ticket baby! Like Joe Flizzow raps in ‘All Around My World’, ‘now baby I’m your ticket outta here lets get your passport’. Haaa!

So sunsets later, I went to college to collect my certs, invitation and updates from placement. Had some chit chat with the ever-so-helping Ms Adelina and Mrs Quek. But I had a looong chat with Mrs Hoe, haha. “I wish you all the best, and make us proud ok!” she told me. “Insyaallah, I will Mrs Hoe, I will” x)

Cert File

Attendance Cert

Result Cert (front)

Result Cert (back)

With UWS’s and UNSW’s (I was still considering their offer back then) latest booklets, I headed home.

And yeah, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Taylor’s and all of their staff involved since my tenure there. Yup, it has been quite a ride, and truly, you have made me shine. But come to think of it, its amazing how fast time flies isn’t it? I can still vividly remember the day when my sis and I were sitting at a Semenyih bus stand after collecting my Taylor’s offer in 2008. I remember me sitting on the metal rail, holding and reading the letter with great hope. Now, its done and dusted already. Wow. God bless.

Thank you Taylor's! Jasamu dikenang.

So now, my new journey starts!

Thank you.


2 Responses to “My first step.”

  1. Bloody red blood cell pumping through 4 sections of the heart it is!
    You’ve got a mountain of potential dude. I am proud just to have known you. Pretty sad to see you leave but nevertheless, all the best on the next season of Redo’s Chronicles!
    1st Season: Redo: Taylor’s
    2nd Season: Redo: Down Under

  2. Haha thanks bro. Will definitely miss our L4D n mamak sessions 😛

    Wow, mcm chronicles of narnia. U be the wardrobe, haha

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