Self preparations

February 2, 2010

Hello my dear blog, I’m sorry I’ve left you to rot, I was busy, I was lazy. I was working hard, and was hardly working. Arghh haha.

So hello people, let’s get started. Last 5th January, I went to the infamous Kamal Bookstore off Jalan Pahang with my beloved sister. She recommended me to buy a few books so that I’ll get a head start, because she said in tutorials, especially in the first sem, we will discuss about basic things, the human anatomy, its physiology and others. So better to know a thing or two ryte. She gave me a suggestion of 5 books, but in the end I bought only two. Yeahh to the study psychos out there, don’t worrryyy the books are still in their wrappings, I haven’t done a thing hahaha. But don’t get me started, I might just finish the whole damn thing, cuz I like this shit x)

medical physiology and anatomy. buku2 pertama aku yeahh

Specialisation field impian. for now 😛

I also bought some things for my study abroad. Bought a new bag pack, a new pair of sport shoes and antivirus (what?) with Mr Ray. He also did his magic on my laptop to make it tiptop when im down under. Got a cantekk new watch from dad and a new hoody with sis before the new year. And recently on the 30th Jan, I went shopping for a blazer, slack pants and a vest at Sungei Wang with a hot choc 😛 Got a elegant new scarf from Cambridge too. Niiicee. Like Kanye used to say “dress smart like a London Flo” Ohh yeahh.

I’m also doing some physical and skills preparation too, just in case. Been reading a few religious books, especially about amalan2 harian n doa2. Been cooking too, I even watch on youtube to see skills like on how to chop things fast and stuff, haha. But Im only learning the ropes bout mamak food for the meantime, cuz I want to be known as the mamak there in Campbelltown 😛 But for other dishes, just slip me the recipe, and I’ll be more than happy to serve you 😉 And did some physical training, just in case. You can never be too prepared x)

Orait, that’s all for this post. More to come. Thanks.